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The company Trolisrael specializes in online booking services for tourists from all over the world. On our website simple and quickly you may reserve rooms in more Israel’s hotels, book transfers, buy flight tickets, rent a car or organize private excursion.

We provide both the economic trip and service for the VIP of clients. We work only with the reliable companies in various directions of tourism. We can realize different special programs such as:

  • Organization of business seminar and business travel
  • Education
  • Treatment
  • Pilgrims program
  • Beach rest
  • Exclusive participation in culture and spectacular events

We are the pioneers in the industry with our unique office around the clock, where constantly working professional travel agents who will cope with any emergency situation.

Trolisrael is very easy way for the selection of tours and hotels on certain date, budget and others criterions.

We are proud that we can offer a customized solution for each client, saving you time and money, and giving only qualified agents. We also guarantee that our services will be provided by the most appropriate and cost-effective for customers of our company.

We know all about tourism in Israel and we are ready to share our knowledge with you. Have a nice trip!

Our excursions from hotel are simply, quickly, profitably.

Our excursions from hotel are simply, quickly, profitably.

Do you want to get acquainted with multilateral Israel? Do you wish about real adventure? We can help you with this! Just choose the liked itinerary, book excursion and be ready to vivid impressions! Excursions

Price from 50$ for person per day.

Hotels in Eilat

The most comfortable hotels in Eilat are waiting for you. The magnificent oasis is located between Negev and Arabian Desert. Eilat is area of duty free trade and of all the year round tourism. We will be glad to see you in any season at our tourist resort at Red Sea! Hotels in Eilat

Price from 47$ for person per day.

Hotels in Tel Aviv

Visit the most contrasting city of Israel! You are waited in Tel Aviv by the best hotels, the luxury night club, the numerous museums, the business centers, and the culture, historical and archaeological sights. Attractive, bright, vanguard Tel Aviv is the perfect option for unforgettable holidays. Hotels in Tel Aviv

Price from 60$ for person per day.
Dead Sea

Hotels in Dead Sea

Spend your holiday in the most unique part of the world! You are waited by attraction, resort and clinic rolled into one. Fashionable hotels on the Dead Sea receive guests all year! Don’t you’re your chance to become one of them! Hotels in Dead Sea

Price from 73$ for person per day.

Hotels in Haifa

The best hotels in Haifa are waiting for you! Visit fabulous town, that famous for Bahai Gardens, the numerous culture monuments, the parks, restaurants and markets! There is unforgettable atmosphere! It is the ideal resort for recreation, shopping and entertainments. Hotels in Haifa

Price from 42$ for person per day.

Hotels in Jerusalem

The most comfortable hotels in Jerusalem will be glad to accept you! Visit the spiritual center of the world! Discover the cultural heritage of ancient civilizations! Plunge in the atmosphere of wisdom and perfection. Jerusalem today is the Old City and the modern skyscrapers, eastern bazaars and cult constructions, the West wall and Via Dolorosa. Everyone dreams to see the city! Hotels in Jerusalem

Price from 49$ for person per day.

Hotels in Tiberias

The best hotels in Tiberias are waiting for you at any time of the year! The paradise on the shore of the Sea of Galilee is tourist and culture center of Israel. You will have nice, fun and interesting holidays here! Hotels in Tiberias

Price from 44$ for person per day.
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